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American Warrior Forge

Meat Skewers

Meat Skewers

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Theses skewers are hand forged from 1/8” solid square bar mild steel. Each has a decorative curled tail handle and a subtle twist to the body of the skewer. These skewers are approximately 11” in overall length and have a food-safe wax finish. This prevents corrosion and gives them a beautiful blackened look.

These skewers work great for all sorts of meat, vegetables or fruit, fulfilling your grilling needs. With these solid steel forged skewers you don’t have to worry about soaking wooden sticks or burning them up and dropping bits of your delectable kabobs into the fire belly of your grill! These skewers can be used time and time again.

To care for your forged steel skewers, treat them like a cast iron skillet. I use a product called Axe Wax. It’s all natural, good safe, and works great on a variety of materials including steel, wood and leather. After use, hand wash, hand dry thoroughly, and apply a light coat of Warrior Wax or other food safe wax or oil such as mineral oil.

Bring some old-world charm to your grilling game with these unique hand forged steel skewers!

Made to order. Lead times vary. Sold in sets of 2, 4, and 6.

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