Product Care

High carbon steel knives are susceptible to rust, including damascus blades. Even stainless steel can corrode, just not as readily as high carbon steel. To care for your handmade knives, hand wash them with warm soapy water ensuring to remove all debris and oils. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER.

After washing, dry them thoroughly, preferably with paper towels over hand towels. Then apply a protective oil or wax. I recommend my handmade, all natural, food safe protective Warrior Wax - Blade Armor. Each of my knives comes with a trial sized 1 oz. tin of Warrior Wax. You can re-stock here on my website and purchase 2 oz. tins of Warrior Wax - Blade Armor. If you don’t have Warrior Wax, a food safe oil such as mineral oil works in a pinch!

Once waxed or oiled, you can store you knives without the risk of corrosion. High carbon steels will patina some with use. This is from the acids in different foods and is to be expected. A little patina is not a problem! In fact, I love seeing my knives with a little patina because this lets me know they are being used for their designed purpose!

When your knife begins to dull, I recommend stropping the cutting edge on leather. You can do this by simply dragging the cutting edge backwards, trying to match the angle of the cutting edge bevel, across leather or leather with a polishing compound applied. There are also tons of videos online of how to sharpen a blade with a whet stone, which is my preferred method. 

Thanks for your business and I hope you love your handmade knife!