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Horseshoe Nail Cowboy Toothpicks

Horseshoe Nail Cowboy Toothpicks

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Each of these cowboy toothpicks are handmade from #6 horseshoe nails. I offer two different types, each with three finish options. There are the regular twisted horseshoe nail toothpicks as well as reverse twist horseshoe nail toothpicks. Each kind come in a wire wheel/polished finish, a black oxide/bee’s wax finish, and a brass brushed/polished finish. Since they are all handmade, every pick is unique.

These horseshoe nail toothpicks look awesome in your favorite cowboy hat. They make great conversational pieces and add a bit of unique western class to your look. Available in singles, 2 packs, 3 packs, or 4 packs.

Get your favorite cowboy or cowgirl some handmade horseshoe nail toothpicks today! Hell, maybe even get some for your self!

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