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American Warrior Forge

Big Game Duck Hunter Chef

Big Game Duck Hunter Chef

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Expertly handmade to offer precision with every slice, the “Big Game Duck Hunter Chef” is a culinary masterpiece featuring a hand-forged 6-inch copper Damascus blade composed of a Go-Mai billet construction with an 80CRV2 high carbon steel core, copper jacketing, and 100 layer Damascus cladding on either side, providing unmatched elegance, durability, and a sharpness that endures. 

The handle, a symphony of materials sourced from the heart of the wilderness, includes flame birch and box elder burl which has been professionally dyed & stabilized. The orange G10 layers add a contemporary touch, while the mule deer antler, responsibly harvested from Southeastern Idaho, adds a rugged charm.

Every knife tells a story, and the “Big Game Duck Hunter Chef” is no exception. Inspired by the majestic wildlife and the tradition of hunting and gathering, this knife is designed for the chef who takes pride in the harvest from field to table.

To ensure the longevity of your knife, we include care instructions that detail how to maintain the razor-sharp edge and preserve the unique steel & handle materials. The accompanying Warrior Wax - Blade Armor, made from all-natural, food-safe ingredients, will keep your knife in pristine condition.

Complete with a soft nylon zipper case for safe storage, your investment is protected for a lifetime with our guarantee. Embrace the spirit of the wild in your kitchen with a knife that is as unique as the dishes you create.

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